Writing Samples

Here is a collection of writing samples taken from a variety of sources ranging from the narrative to the research-centric. Direct links as well as downloadable pdfs are provided.

City of the Dead: A tale set in the heart of New Orlean's mystical landscapes. Won 2nd place in a national short story competition, 2005.

Adrionnas: A short story writing sample, following the tale of a boy trying to save his village.

FanFiciton: An excerpt from my Sorcerer Stabber Orphen fanficiton, located in working parts at fanfiction.net. Chapter 2 provided.

Machinima Script: Written in the style of Samuel Beckett and Christopher Durang, this was a machinima piece filmed in Guild Wars about existentialism. The movie can be found here, but it is on the long/large side clocking in at roughly 10min. The music I wrote for the film can also be found here. Other team members and their contributions:
David McDonough: Filmography, compositing, voice of John
James Coburn: Voice of Tersius
Mike Rodriquez: Voice of Renaldo
Sarah Tempas: Voice of Gabriel

Knight of Faith | .mov format | 300mb