The player can create little machines here using a variety of parts, the only stipulation being he can't exceed his current funds. The player combines the various parts onto the workbench, using things like power sources, containers, and functional add-ons.If the player creates a machine which passes a few basic background checks for feasibility power, etc, the player is declared victorious in his attempt. The program then plays a small, unique musical diddy based upon which parts he selected and used as an aural award. He will then also be awarded more funds and can continue to build bigger machines for bigger sounds. Creating a non functioning machine reduces the player's funds and they get no sound 'reward'.

Download Game files here. | zip with Flash files | 5.34 mb |

THis was a basic prototype for the idea behind the procedural invention system described in the Genesis document, in which one of the main characters has the ability to combine inventory and found world items on the fly for puzzle and combative effects and interaction.