Pater Noster WIP

This began as a simple exercise in Excel to see how much information I could jam into a random character creator. Instead of using a pre-made table-top RPG, I laid out the basics for my own and it's been growing from there.

Excel Character Sheet and Info :

File | zip with XLS file | 600 KB

*click the "Create Character" Button to generate a new character, or click "ReRun Name" to just generate a new name.

Basic File Info :
All the information for the game so far is laid out in the XLS page, with a separate tab for races, professions, weapons, talents, etc. The Weapons and Armor are autogenerated from a list of base items and modifers, which can be recreated using the respective "Create Armour List" and "Pick 1000 Weapons" buttons, found on the Rand Calcs tab.

One of the ideas I'm looking at in this particular game is that instead of a more traditional magic system of potions and spells, some character classes have access to an ability called "Weaves". These are kinda like dreamcatchers or cats cradle on steroids, and the player characters would have to physically weave and create a 3D representation of their "intention" using different kinds of threads and yarns, using beads or other things to hold power or focuses. Weaves would have to be prepared in advance, but could also be easily bought or stored, and then later modified by a skilled weaver. It's still in the basic first steps of development, but that's the general direction.