Fuzzy Go
aka "The Revenge of Social Puppy"

This game was part of a challenge to make a casual game about knitting. Being an avid knitter, I abstracted the game down into 3 distinct phases - acquiring wool for yarn, spinning yarn, and knitting a piece. Fuzzy Go was the first phase, rounding up a pile of sheep using your herd dogs.

Game is available for purchase at here.

For 2 - 4 Players

Pieces: - All available at your local Michael's

One 14" x 28" board, split up into .5" squares - the pasture.

16 glass stones in 4 colors, representing sheepdogs.

50 small white fuzz balls, 50 small black fuzz balls, 25 small brown fuzz balls, representing sheep

Setup: Place the pasture in the middle of the table. Mix up the fuzz balls and dump them into the middle of the pasture. You may arrange them a bit so the cover the entire space well. Each player selects a color for their dogs and takes the coordinated 4 glass stones.

Play: Starting with the youngest, the player places one dog piece onto the intersection of four lines, or the corner of a square. She may push aside any sheep in her way. The next player places a dog onto a different intersection. Play continues until all players have placed at least one dog onto the pasture.

From now on, players may either play a new dog from their hand or move an existing dog on the pasture.

If a player manages to make a complete and exact rectangle with her four dogs, she receives al the sheep inside the space. However, if there is at least one enemy dog inside her enclosure (the "social puppy"), she may not collect the sheep from within her rectangle until the offending dog is removed. Once the sheep have been removed, all her dogs go back to the player's hand as well, and they restart their next turn by placing one dog onto the board.

Play continued until all sheep have been herded.

Victory: Black and White sheep are each worth one point, while Brown sheep are worth 2. The player with the most points wins.