Thesis: Co-Winner of the 2008 Best Thesis, this is the board game project which corresponds to my thesis on a universal system of the creation of emotion in games using primal emotions. More information, plans, manuscripts, and documents available either by ILL through the SCAD library or by request.

Best Thesis Award 2008 Co-Winner

Best Thesis Proposal Award 2008 Winner

Genesis: Excerpts from a serious game design exploring religious zealism pitted against militaristic politics and naive idealism. The player controls characters on all sides of the divide, with branching narrative lines and multiple endings based upon the moral choices he has to make.

You Are Dead: A pen-and-paper RPG, currently in the testing phase. What happens once adventurers retire and pass on to greener pastures? This tongue-in-cheek romp through the afterlife takes a look.

Pater Noster WIP: Another pen-and-paper RPG, which started out as mostly an excersie in Excel for creating an automatic character generator. It grew from there.

Astrum Fas: This was an early Unreal 3 beta mod made in the Roboblitz engine. Screen captures, design files, and bg music included.

Workbench: A small flash game which explores both the creation of unique combinations by means of a visual metaphor, and whether sound can work as a reward or motivation. Rather silly.

Belle Isle WIP: Another game in progress, housed in Adventure Game Studio. This is a serious game, based on the mass deportation of the Acadians from present day Nova Scotia in 1755 by British soldiers. It follows the tale of a man attempting to reunite his family after they were torn apart.

Honorable Mention Entelechy Award 2008 for Digital Game

Non-Digital Games: A collection of non-digital games all in at least a playable prototype stage, complete rules included.