This game explores themes of war and atrocities committed in the name of the greater good. The player controls a character on each side of the conflict, and the choices he makes will affect the character's morality and overall flow of the game. Instead of seeking to provide a concrete answer to the questions the plot supposes, the game hopes to provide the player with a greater sense of the 'grey' areas in life, especially in the realms of politics and religion, as well as a fuller appreciation of their own morals and beliefs. Full Design Document and complete story arcs located below.

Dual Character Narrative FlowCharts:

FlowCharts | zip with jpgs | 300 kb

As with many RPGs, the player has access to party-based combative battles in which they control a group of characters. However, instead of buying newer, better weapons ad infinitum, the player can use one of the main characters, Dea, to create invention on the fly. These inventions can be used in non-combative states as well, and provide the player with an unlimited way of damaging enemies and solving puzzles. The invention system works on a procedural algorithm, allowing the player to combine anything in his inventory together.

Handgun + propellant or poison = incendiary weapon

More Resources:

Abridged Design Doc PDF | 6 mb |

Music Samples located here. Includes character themes and background music.

Sample Concept Art from Document:

Uurbanite Priest and New Vega Space Station