Astrum Fas

This Unreal 3 mod was based around the idea of what if a ship carrying a payload of settlers crash landed on a deserted planet, destroying all the banks of communications and science data in the process, leaving them stranded from any help. The settlers would then have to build their civilization from the ground up using any knowledge they already possessed, along with salvaging any parts they could from the destroyed ship. This was what we came up with.

The game itself would be a single player RPG adventure game, where the player, a young boy in the treetop village, would happen upon a beacon which was not fully destroyed and discover too late that the planet was not in fact uninhabited. Over the course of a few levels the player would discover more about the hostile creatures, learn to avoid or kill them in various methods, attempt to contact any passing ships, and ultimately get his people home.


Style Guide/Design Document Download | pdf | 17 Mb |


Screencaps and Assignment of Duties:

Astrum was a group project, in which I was responsible for:

  • Lead Narrative and Game Design
  • Production Schedule
  • Design Document
  • Modeling and Texturing Exterior Village Assets
  • Modeling and Texturing Tree Assets
  • Terrain Sculpting and Painting
  • Particle Effects
  • Assigning and Creating Engine Materials and Shaders
  • Kismet Coding
  • Matinee sequences
  • Kitchy cover art <- not an illustrator :)

Other Members include Jim Sidletsky, Michael Woods, and Jennifer Silverman, who were responsible for the ship, placement of all assets into the level including environment pieces and deco layers, concept art, lighting, modeling and texturing interior assets, and the 'skybox'.

Sample of my village assets from level. Tree and Interior Tree House design to look like molded tree branches and roots. Complete set
located in document above.