Non-Digital Games

These games were all made during an independent study with Brenda Brathwaite, created at the rate of 2 a week. The only stipulations were that the games were, of course, non-digital, and that they were in a complete playable prototype stage.

Malpractice: A board game centered around the idea that the players are poorly trained, money hungry surgeons out to make a quick buck at the expense of their patients.

Agribusiness: A tile-laying game depicting the rigors of farming. And destroying your neighbors farms.

Crapola v.2: A new rendition of my family's go-to dice game. We're not really sure during which ski trip it was invited.

Bridezilla: A card game where players take on the role of wedding coordinators attempting to appease their crazy clients.

Fuzzy Go: Based around a challenge to make a game about knitting, Fuzzy Go was the first section in a three part game - this part represented sheep herding.

Salem: A board game based on the idea of the players moving through two boards representing space and time. So somehow this meant witches to my crazy head.