In this game the players are representing unscrupulous surgeons, out to make a quick profit while poorly curing their patients. The board is an aerial shot of a hospital building, with 15 patient rooms, a lounge, and the administrator's office. Each patient room has one patient ailing from 1 random concealed problem, and it's up to the players to cure them to the best of their abilities.

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For 3 - 4 Players


Degrees: Each player starts play with one of 12 random degrees. The actual degree doesn't matter, it's just flavor. Players can earn more degrees by completing research projects to write a thesis. 3 Research Ops equal 1 Thesis, and 1 Thesis can be turned into the bank for 1 new Degree. Players may have an unlimited amount of degrees. For every extra degree a player has, they may roll one extra surgery attempt die.

Research: Players may acquire research through drawing cards or by buying it straight from the bank, in a sort of paying off the blackmarket researcher mode, for 100K. Research may be sold for 50K or turned into degrees.

Thesis: A Thesis is created from 3 Research Ops, and may be sold to the Bank for 200K.

Cards: At the beginning of each turn, a player may draw a card from the pile. They may play one card each turn, including during their opponents' turns. Some cards may be played either in favor of the player or against another target player. Cards include:

  • Malpractice suit: You file a malpractice suit against target player for a range of 50-200K on card. Player loses that much.
  • Insurance Fraud: You either commit Insurance Fraud and gain that amount of money, or sue another player for Insurance Fraud. Random of 20-100K
  • Angry Family: Target player loses 1 turn
  • Sleep with Patient: If you successful cure a patient, gain an extra 50K in payment.
  • Nurse: +2/-2 to successful curing roll.
  • Intern: +1/-1 to successful curing roll.
  • Resident: +3/-3 to successful curing roll.
  • Visiting Doc: +3/-3 to successful curing roll or sell for one research op
  • Research Op: gain one research or sell for 50K
  • Conference: Gain 2 research ops.
  • Honorary Degree: gain 1 degree.

Patients: There are 30 patient cards in total, each with a unique malady ranging from sprained ankle to lobotomies. Curing a patient nets the amount of money written on the card. A circled number on the card represents the difficulty of the ailment which the player will have to beat.

Dice: malpractice has 5 Dice in total: 1 Movement Die, 1 Minus Die ("I'm a sucky doctor and prone to make mistakes"), and 4 Extra Degree Dice. The Mvt Die is a normal d6 with the exception of the 1 pip being replaced with a skull and bones. The Minus Die is a d6 with minus written before the numbers, and the Degree Dice are normal d6.

Victory: The game ends when all patients in the hospital have been cured or killed. The player with the most money wins and is the most unscrupulous doctor. Congrats.

Setup: Everyone starts with 1 Degree and no money. The board is placed in the center, with 1 patient card face down in each of the patient rooms so no once can see the information. Syringe Cards and Normal Cards are placed somewhere nearby, and players start in the Lounge.


Play occurs clockwise, with the youngest player starting first.At the start of the turn, the player may draw a card, roll the 6-sided die for movement, and move up to that number of spaces on the board. To enter a patient room, the player must roll high enough to land inside the room, no sliding through the doors.

If a player lands in a patient room, they may look at the information on that patient card - do not reveal it to the others. If a player wishes to attempt to cure this patient, she picks up the movement die, the minus die, and 1 plus die for each extra degree she owns. If she only has one degree, she would only roll the mvt and minus die. She then reveals the card to the rest of the players and places it permanently face up. She rolls the required dice and adds up the total. If the number is higher than the number on the card, she cures the patients successfully. The patient is removed from the room and the players gets the amount of case money written on the patient card.

If the player rolls a total lower number than written on the player card, then she fails the surgery and gains 1 "failure" token. If a player acquire 3 tokens, she must go immediately to the Administrator office and lose one turn, or pay 100k in damages. The patient card remains revealed now for the rest of the players.

If a player rolls the 'skull and bones' picture when attempting to cure the patient, the player has royally screwed up the surgery and kills the patient by accident. The player immediately goes to the Administrator office and loses a turn, and the patient is removed from the game.

To increase chances of success, the player may opt to play a nurse, intern, resident, or doctor card to add that respective amount of points to his roll. This counts as his one card played during the turn. Another player may also play one of these cards during his surgery to give him Negative points, kind of like paying off a fellow nurse to bungle it on purpose. Again, only 1 per player turn.

A player does not have to attempt surgery when landing in a room, she may look at the patient info and continue on.