Download To-print Game Pieces | zip | 40 mg | - for best results, print onto 8.5 x 11 sheet labels and attach to either foam board or heavy cardstock before cutting tiles out. Rules included.

This is a small, quick tile-laying game exploring the cantankerous mistress of farming.

A 4 person game in session

Soon to be available for purchase.

For 2 - 6 Players.

Pieces :(All 1"x1" tiles)

Plowed Land: A player may plant crops here. It must touch a water hole on a corner or side for it to be arable, or a player must have an Irrigation Tile

Water Holes: Waters land tiles.

Rocks: Take up space, can't be planted on.

Hoe: Play on an enemy farmer's field to uproot all crops on the tile.

Fertilizer: May be played on any crop as a 'wildcard'. Cannot play on land.

Bunny: Eats crops. When played on a crop tile, no other tiles may be added to the crops, not may they be harvested until the bunny is gone.

Fox: Eats Bunny. Remove all bunnies from target player's farm.

Bugs: Eats crops. When played on a crop tile, no other tiles may be added to the crops, not may they be harvested until the bugs are gone.

Insecticide: Kills Bugs. Remove all bugs from target player's farm.


  • Lettuce: a decent crop, 3 lettuce yields $2.
  • Tomato: a cheap crop, 4 tomatoes yield $1.
  • Cucumber: a cheap crop, 4 cucumbers yield $1.
  • Carrot: a cheap crop, 4 cucumbers yield $1.
  • Potato a fairly cheap crop, 3 potato's yield $1
  • Eggplant: a decent crop, 3 eggplants yield $2
  • Broccoli: a decent crop, 3 broccoli yields $2
  • Watermelon: a good crop, 2 watermelon yield $4
  • Pumpkin: a good crop, 2 pumpkins yield $4
  • Strawberry: a rare and awesome crop, 2 strawberries yield $5.

Special Equipment:

  • Crop Duster: permanently protect your field from bugs. costs $5
  • Scarecrow: permanently protect your field from bunnies, costs $5
  • Greenhouse: Decrease crops: 4 yield crops only now need 3, and 2 yield crops only now need 2 to harvest. $8
  • Irrigation: all land tiles on your farm are watered $5
  • Combine: Remotely protect your farm from rocks. $5

Setup: Every player gets 1 water hole and 2 land tiles. They may arrange them however they like.

Victory: When all tiles have been drawn, play is over. The player with the most money wins.


Towards the end of one game

Starting with the youngest, she draws one tile from the bag. A player must play the tile drawn if able. She also may place a tile on anyone's farm, not just her own, regardless of what kind of tile it is.

If she draws a crop tile she may: Play it on her own or someone else's empty land field. Play it on a field already planted with that crop, either hers or someone else's.She may choose to 'uproot' one of her own different crops and plant the new tile instead on top of it, but may not uproot another player's tile this way. In this way, players will often be forced to help other player's crop yields if they do not wish to uproot their own plants.

Rocks, waterholes, and new land tiles may be played in any free space anywhere on any player's farm as long as a side or corner is touching an existing tile. Equipment tiles are played in the same manner.

Bugs and bunnies may be played on any one tile. Foxes and Insecticides are played on a specific farm and are discarded after use. Hoes may be played on any crop tile.

During her turn, a player may choose to harvest a crop if the yield has been met, i.e., if Mary has 4 tomato tiles on top of a land tile, she may harvest these for $1, returning the used tiles to the discard pile and recording $1 on her score sheet. You may not harvest during another player's turn.

Play continues until all tiles have been drawn. Players will often end the game with have finished crops in their fields - these do not count towards score.