Crapola* v.2

Crapola, a game played with 6 6sided dice, has been played in my family for years, mostly as an easy game during Sunday afternoon drinks or at night at the annual crazy group ski lodge. No one really remembers where it game from or who invented it. I was challenged to add mechanics to an existing game, so I made Crapola a little more interactive between the players.

*The exclamation used when busting out on a die roll, usually applied to when the first die roll of all six die net a total point value of nothing. I believe it was named as such since there were small children in the room at the time. Crap, Crapbucket, Crapface, Crappers, and F*$&ing Dice are all acceptable exclamations of failure.

For 2 - x amount of players. Usually no higher than 10.


7 6-Sided Dice, the kind you can get at Walgreens for super cheap.

Victory: a player reaches 15000 points

Setup: Only to have a dedicated score keeper with a pencil and paper nearby.


Starting with either the youngest or the person who lost worst in the last game, a player picks up 6 of the 7 dice and rolls them on the table. The object is to score points without Crapping Out on the die roll, hence, Crapola. A player may keep rolling until they either decide to stop and add their total points or if they roll nothing of value they lose and play continues.

At the beginning of the game, a player MUST roll at least 1000 points to 'get on the board' and have their score recorded.

If a player reaches the 15000 mark, every other player has 1 more turn to try and beat their score. As improbably as it is, I've seen someone with 3000 make a series of rolls and come out the winner during the last round.

If a player craps out on his first roll of the dice for the turn, play reverses.

Instead of rolling during a turn, a player may instead opt to spend up to 1000 of their points to decrease a fellow player's point total by the same amount. The new total may not go below 0 for either player.

If a player is OVER 5000 points behind the lead scorer, he may roll the extra 6 sided die until his score is no longer 5000 behind. This does not count during a last roll after someone else has gone out.

Point Combinations:

  • 1 1-pip: 100 pts
  • 1 5-pip: 50 pts
  • 3 1's: 1000 pts
  • 3 2's: 200 pts
  • 3 3's: 300 pts
  • 3 4's: 400 pts
  • 3 5's: 500 pts
  • 3 6's: 600 pts
  • 4 1's: 2000 pts
  • 4 2's: 400 pts
  • 4 3's: 600 pts
  • 4 4's: 800 pts....etc.....
  • 5 1's: 3000 pts
  • 5 2's: 600 pts
  • 5 3's: 900 pts
  • 5 4's: 1200 pts ....etc...for up to 6 of each.
  • 3 pairs of two: 500 pts
  • 1 six die straight: 1000 pts

Examples of rounds:

Billy rolls all six dice and gets no combinations as listed above. He gets nothing except the pleasure of yelling Crapola and play continues to the next person, Sue.

Sue rolls the six dice and gets 2 ones, a five, a three, and 2 fours. The ones and the fives are both worth points, but she decides to only keep the ones, the five not being worth much . Setting aside her 2 dice, she rolls the remaining 4 dice and gets 1 five, 2 2's, and 1 three. She must keep the 1 five this time since it is her only point scoring piece. Now Sue has 3 remaining dice to roll. Since she does not have 1000 points yet, she must keep rolling. Sue next rolls 3 sixes - great, 600 pts! As all her dice are not "kept" dice, ie., all worth points, she may now remember the 850 pts she has already scored and roll all six dice to continue. She does, but as luck has it, rolls 1 4, 1 2, 2 3's, and 2 6's - nothing! Sue now loses the 850 she had from earlier in the roll and play continues to Mark

Mark rolls the six dice and gets a 6 dice straight - 1,2,3,4,5,6 - an easy 1000 pts. Mark decides that he could probably roll again and not lose, so he rolls all six again netting 1 1, 1 5, 2 3's, and 2 4's. He keeps the 1 and 5 and decides to stop, since he has now broken the 1000 pts barrier with 1150 pts. He records it on the sheet and play goes back to Billy.

Billy and Sue both now need to score at least 1000 pts to write their score down.

Mark however is already 'on the board' so when play continues to him, he feels no such compunction. Mark rolls all six dice and gets 1 1 and 3 4's - 500 pts. This is good enough for him so he decides to stop, records his 500 and passes the dice back to Billy.

Play continues on in this fashion.